Paris City Guide Trip with Kids

Paris, the city of lights.  We spent few days in this beautiful city and we regret that we didn’t stay longer. Our mission was to visit as many sites as we can in 4 days. This trip involved a lot of walking. We flew from Iceland to Paris. When we got to ORLY Airport, we decided to get the Hop on Hop off bus pass directly at their airport kiosk. We originally planned to take the subway during the entire trip but we’ve decided to get the pass, that way it’ll be easier for my husband and I to manage our kids than being in a crowded subway station. It was actually the best decision we’ve ever made. For $35 per person, you get to see a lot of sites as long as you start your day early. We got a 3-day pass and we started using the pass on our second day so we will be able to utilize it for a full day. If you are travelling with kids, this is such a great deal and you won’t have to worry about losing them in the crowd. The only downside is the hours of operations of the bus. It starts at 8 am and the last bus pickup ends at 4 pm that will only take you to Notre Dame. So plan your day early so you can see as much as you can. Our kids are good at travelling and they don’t mind waking up early so everytime we go somewhere, I made sure to get our day started by 8 am. During this trip, we only used the Hop on Hop off pass and Uber. This will be the most convenient way to see Paris with kids.

Paris is sectioned by Arrondissements (administrative districts). Everyone who’d been there would agree that 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th and 9th Arrondissement are the best, especially for first timers. We decided to stay in Saint Germain (6th), this area is family friendly and there were so many restaurants around so just in case your kids get hungry in the middle of the night, you can just grab something around your hotel. Our hotel has its own restaurant but we love to explore the area so we’d rather go out. Our hotel was located right across Jardin de Luxembourg which was a plus. We enjoyed walking around this huge garden. If you are good at reading maps, I suggest to grab a city map at the lobby of your hotel and use that as a guide instead of using Google Maps so you will be able to save your phone battery. Regardless if you’re bringing multiple battery packs, trust me, Paris is so beautiful that you’d like to capture every corner and every building you see so save your batteries.

Fashion Blogger Tips: Paris trip is never complete without taking a picture with the Eiffel Tower as your background. The best place to take this photo is at the Trocadero. We decided to walk from Arc de Triomphe to this location as the traffic was really slow. It is a busy area but if you go downstairs, you will see a ledge looking structure and you can take a good photo here just like as pictured above.

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