5 Affordable Luxury Gifts For Her

Winter Outfit

Now that the Holidays is just around the corner, many of us will be rushed with getting those last minute gifts. Our families and friends deserve nothing but the best. And when it comes to gift shopping, I opt for quality over quantity. However, not all things luxe cost a fortune. Here's a list of gifts that you can buy without breaking the bank:

1. Silk Pillow Case

Who doesn't love sleep? Sleep plays an essential role in our daily lives. Getting a good night sleep makes us more productive throughout the day. This Slik Pillow will not only give you the comfort of luxury, but it also provides benefits to your hair and skin as it reduces friction that will prevent split ends and developing fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Chanel Shower Gel

 Aside from their Lamb Skin purses and sophisticated RTW collection, their fragrance, and skin care is also a top notch. This shower gel is my personal favorite and I assure you, any woman would love this as well.

3. La Mer Miracle Set

This product is well loved by Hollywood celebrities. As this product cost a fortune, it does deliver what it says. Their moisturizing cream is one of the best that I have personally used. So getting their mini set for your mom, sister or girlfriend will undoubtedly be the best stocking stuffer they will ever get.

4. MCM Eye Mask

If all high-end brands make these eye masks, it will be a best seller. This mask is a perfect gift to your traveler friend that would love to sleep in style.
5. Jo Malone Cologne Collection
So you are not just getting one but five of their most popular scents. It is also a plus that it is a travel size which they can conveniently take with them on the plane. And the best part? Your girlfriend can create her signature scent by mixing the fragrances.

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