All Hail the Co-Ord for SS19

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If you’re an avid Instagrammer or into street styling, you’ve probably already heard about the co-ord—or seen it for yourself. From cute crop tops and shorts to sleek blazers and wide-legged pants, we’re currently crushing hard on this key trend of Spring/Summer 2019. Originating a few seasons ago, the co-ord set can be undeniably captivating as an outfit choice for a number of occasions. Whether you’re brand new to the notion or wondering how you can use it to make your mark on the style scene, here’s how to do the co-ord trend right.

Lucy Paris Label

Dress for the Occasion

Firstly, remember to opt for a specific co-ord only if it’s appropriate. For instance, the aforementioned blazer and pants combo would work for the office but for a warm summer’s day at the beach? Not so much. 

Likewise, a matching denim jacket and skirt would look out of place in a formal wedding setting.

Have you fallen in love with your co-ord and want to wear it at every opportunity? That’s OK, I don’t blame you—but make sure that you get the most out of it by switching up the bottom and top pieces to suit different events.

Experiment With Fun Prints

And who says that you have to stick to plain two-pieces? One of the best things about the coveted co-ord is that you can use it to experiment with fabric trends of the Spring/Summer season. 

From ditzy florals to bold polka dots and graphic stripes, why not tap into SS19’s print mania movement with your chosen two-piece?

If you’re feeling brave, you could even select a loud pattern or vivid hues that will enable you to pop against a clear blue sky. Needless to say, wallflowers need not apply.


Choose Complimentary Colors

Speaking of colors, avoid wearing a neon green co-ord set if you have violet hair—unless you don’t mind creating a clashing combination.

For fairer skin tones, stick to co-ords in jewel tones (like emerald), camel, and pale colors (like blue, pink, purple, and green); whereas, if you have a medium complexion, metallics, neons, and dove gray really suit your skin. 

Alternatively, do you have a deep skin tone? Try a two-piece in a pastel, bold tone (like ruby red, amethyst, and cobalt), cream, and olive green for optimal results.

Opt for On-Trend Styles

Co-ords are becoming a must-have summer outfit, for sure, but you can make yours stand out from the crowd even further by opting for some of the latest SS19 styles.

I’m talking about the cold shoulder, wide-legged pant, mini skirt, bra let, and midi skirt trends to name a few.

Whether you decide to rock on-trend styles for both pieces of your co-ord or focus on just one, you’re guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons.


Don’t Over-Accessorize

Finally, because a co-ord set already makes such a statement, you need to let it take center stage. Keep your accessories minimal to prevent jeopardizing its charm.

Need specifics? A matching hairband, small purse, or striking sunglasses can take your two-piece outfit to the next level; whereas, layered jewelry or a fussy hat can look too overpowering.

Either way, it’s important to find the right balance and pick your accessories according to whether it’s a casual or smart casual occasion.

Exploring the Co-Ord Trend

In addition to being incredibly flattering for all body shapes, the beauty of a co-ord is that it’s versatile and can create a number of outfits for various occasions.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone with this trend and try a few different options to find out what works for your personal style and silhouette. 

Why? Well, when you do the co-ord right, you’ll have fun both wearing this outfit and accepting the many compliments that come your way.

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