How to Dress Warm All Winter

Winter Outfit
Winter Outfit

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When Winter weather strikes, I always struggle what to wear to stay warm and still look chic without looking bulky. I often see photos of women on Instagram looking so stylish and posing in the middle of a snow-capped road. Which makes me wonder if they just braved the cold for the photo or they are just not as cold. I have tried recreating my winter styles by wearing so many layers, and I always end up being uncomfortable or bulky.

Here’s How I Dress Warm During Winter:

1.Bra Camisole as a Base Layer

I wear a bra camisole instead of a regular bra to keep me extra warm and comfy. They also have these available as Heattech fabric but the regular ones will work as well.

2. Heattech Long-Sleeve Shirt
This shirt/thermal will play a major role in keeping you warm. I’ve worn these during my trip to Norway and I’m glad I did as it kept me warm during the trip.
3. Fleece Lined Leggings
I always wear fleeced leggings under my trousers, jeans or even under my dress. I have tried so many brands but my favorite is the one I
got from Primark. I scored a deal on this and it was extra warm. I have tried the name brand ones and they were not as warm. So if you are in visiting the UK or other countries that have Primark stores, make sure to grab a pair or two. And for £6, it is definitely a good buy.

4. Knit Sweaters

Knit sweaters are my staple every Winter. I love wearing oversized sweaters and I usually get mine from Zara. Not only are they stylish but the quality is amazing.
5. Coats
I am very particular when it comes to coats. My favorite ones are those that are made of wool just like what I’m wearing on the photo.
6. Boots
I always opt for pointed toe thigh highs and knee highs boots. They can be worn easily with any outfit and they give an illusion of longer legs.
Winter Outfit

Here are my favorite finds:

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  1. December 7, 2018 / 4:22 am

    Great tips! I hate being cold and it’s always tough for me to dress in the winter time. Thanks for sharing!

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