How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Tie front dress Mango


Now that Summer has ended, it's time to transition our wardrobe. But this doesn't mean we have to splurge again and buy new outfits. Believe it or not, these pieces might be sitting in your closet already.

During Summer, maxi dresses are always a staple. Layering is the key when transitioning your Summer dresses to Fall. Here, I am wearing a Tie Front dress which is perfect to wear on any occasion. Whenever I choose the clothes I buy, I make sure it is something I can wear in any season or something that I can easily mix and match. This dress would be a perfect example. The fabric was made of Organic Cotton which gives a beautiful drape and is highly absorbent. It may be heavy or thick to wear during the peak of the Summer heat, but this will be my go-to during those chilly Summer afternoons by the beach.


Add a Scarf

There so many ways I transition this dress. Adding a scarf to complete the outfit is one. But since the tie front is on the wide side, I would wear a thin scarf to refrain from overpowering the whole outfit. You can easily transition the look from Day to Night by wearing a skinny silk scarf during the day and a long skinny scarf at night.

Layer with a Bodysuit

As it can get chilly during those date nights, you can layer this with a long sleeve bodysuit. For me, Bodysuits are perfect for layering because it adds an extra layer of clothing without feeling bulky. You can easily wear it underneath a dress and still gives you an ideal silhouette.

Comfy Thigh High Boots

Fall will never be complete without wearing those Thigh High Boots. For dresses similar to this, Thigh High Boots would be preferable mainly because it takes the shape of your legs and it would not look too chunky when wearing a dress. It also gives an illusion of longer legs, especially when wearing an asymmetrical dress like this.

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