Mommy and Me: The Cutest Trend Taking the Fashion World By Storm

Mommy and Me fashion

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Hands up if you’re ready for one of the cutest trends ever to grace the style-sphere? Popular with celebrities and influencers alike, coordinating Mom and offspring outfits have cycled in and out of mainstream fashion for more than a century. Now they’re back with a vengeance for 2019--and, this time around, they’re more unique than ever. Here are my top tips for creating a “Mommy and me” look with your little one that attracts attention for all the right reasons.

Pick a Key Focal Point

For a long time in seasons past, it became the norm to dress your mini-me as a head-to-toe clone. Nowadays, this is considered corny and unoriginal. Instead, the best thing to do is choose a key focal point to draw in the eye and then put a quirky twist on each individual’s ensemble. For instance, you could both wear the same hero piece—like a classic trench coat or oversized roll-neck sweater—but then choose different pieces for the rest of your outfits to mix it up. You could also both opt for the same color palette or color families, such as pinks or pastels, or outfit combination, like a sweater and pants. The two of you could even stick to the same sneakers or bag only. Either way, if you nod to this endearing trend while sustaining a fun and fresh feel, you won’t go far wrong.

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Bring Out Your Individual Personalities

Even though you and your offspring might be wearing similar separates, it’s important that you both maintain your individual personalities through what you’re wearing. If you don’t like rocking a scarf but your son is a massive scarf-lover, let him wear one. Likewise, if you like dressing androgynously and your daughter adores looking girly, let her throw on a shirt covered in bows. Essentially, you want your little one to feel special and, ultimately, like themselves— and the only way that they’re going to do that is through the little touches. Now, watch them radiate confidence as they strut around in an outfit you both love—and be prepared for the compliments to come flooding in.

Mommy and Me: The Cutest Trend Taking the Fashion World By Storm

Dress for the Occasion

Above everything, when it comes to “Mommy and me” outfits, you have to be practical. I mean, being a mom is a hands-on job—and not every occasion calls for a perfectly polished look. Plus, it’s no secret that kids like to get messy. (Does anyone else remember making mud pies when they were younger?) To counteract this, ask yourself what you're up to on the day. Are you heading to a soft play area or a play date at the park? Try a simple jeans and tee twinning combination. What about meeting your parents for brunch or a dinner party with friends and their kids? Opt for something more refined. Either way, always dress for yourself first and then utilize your little one’s outfit to elevate your collective appearance. After all, doing it the other way around and dressing as an adorable toddler in tutus and denim overalls might not work for a fully-fledged adult--am I right? You’ve got this, mama!


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