Style Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Snakeprint Boots

It is without a doubt that Snakeskin exudes elegance. I must say that Snakeprint Boots are the most coveted shoes this season. One of the reasons why I look forward to Fall is because I can finally start wearing my Knee High and Thigh High Boots. I have always worn solid colors, but this time, I've decided to shake up my style a bit. Playing with prints may make or break your outfit.

Schutz Boots Maryana

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Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect pair:


They may all look similar, but they all come in different prints. I am not a risk taker when it comes to wearing patterned pieces that is why I always choose to wear solids. When I was on the lookout for the perfect one, I made sure to get something that is not too bold as this can overkill the whole outfit. I've always thought that bigger and less patterned prints look more pleasing in the eyes.


In the world of fashion, Black and White are the safest colors to wear. But when it comes to snake print patterns, boots that have a solid black and white color combination might overpower your attire when you wear it with bold colored clothing. Choose a pair that has a more gradient color to neutralize the snake print pattern. Mine has a gradient grey and cream color which I find totally wearable even with pastels.

Toe Shape and Heel Type

This is slightly subjective and somehow optional as we all have different preferences when it comes to our style. But for someone like me who is not as tall, go for pointed toe and stiletto heels. Wearing these type of shoes will give you an illusion of longer legs.

Schutz Boots Maryana
Fashion Jetsetter

Though I had sleepless nights trying to decide if I should get a pair or not, I am so glad I did. My outfits have never been more stylish. I have been wearing them a lot, and you will probably see more of these boots on my future posts.

Fashion Jetsetter Schutz
Fashion Jetsetter

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